St Mary Magdalene Church is located on the estate in Sandringham and is a very popular landmark for visitors in the area to explore. Whether you are planning on a visit to the wider Sandringham estate or wish to head to the church particularly then here are 5 reasons why it is such an interesting place to see:-

It has a rich history

Within easy reach of The Harper hotel in North Norfolk, the church is a Grade II listed building and is considered to be one of the finest carrstone buildings in the UK with parts dating back to the 16th century.  The interior also features a number of interesting historical features including a silver 17th century Spanish cross, a 9th century Greek font and stained glass which is believed to have been in place since the 16th century.

It is deceptive

From the outside the church appears to be the standard type of church you might discover in the English countryside and it is because of this that visitors often find themselves in awe when they step through the doors.  This church is so far removed from the type of church you would typically see on an estate like Sandringham then it makes a wonderful diversion to step through the doors and explore the interior.

It has royal connections

The British Royal family regularly attend services at St Mary Magdalene, particularly at Christmas time and this does, in some ways, go towards explaining the sumptuous interior and fine décor.  It has also been the place of a number of significant royal christenings including King Olav V of Norway who was baptised in 1903, Princess Diana of Wales who was baptised in 1961 and, more recently, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge who was baptised in 2015.

It is surrounded by beauty

It might seem like a bit of a stretch to plan a visit to the church when you are booked to stay at the Harpers but the church of St Mary Magdalene is surrounded by such beautiful grounds as well as Sandringham House then it is well worth making the trip.  There are just under 60 acres of formal gardens which are considered to be some of the finest Royal gardens in the country and a country park which covers over 600 acres and features nature trails and woodland paths which are open for the public to explore.

The guides are knowledgeable

It is always great to visit somewhere which has guides who are friendly and knowledgeable about the attraction or landmark and the guides here are no different.  Pick their brains for a wealth of interesting information about the church and all that it contains and you will be sure to glean some fascinating fact you might not otherwise have discovered particularly when it comes to the finer items contained inside.

The church is open daily between April and October and it is well worth visiting if you happen to be planning a trip to Norfolk in the near future.