Norfolk in East Anglia is the fourth largest county in the country, with miles of coastline extending into the North Sea. Rustic and charming, Norfolk is a popular weekend getaway with plenty of historical attractions and activities to enjoy in the area.

The area has become increasingly popular with tourists and visitors, with a number of hotels in Norfolk coming up in the area.

One such luxury hotel is The Harper North Norfolk Hotel, a family-friendly hotel with top class amenities and reasonably priced. If you are looking for something adventurous to do in Norfolk, there are a good many adrenaline filled activities to enjoy like:

Bungee jumping:

Legend has it that bungee jumping originated on a Pacific island when a woman leapt from a banyan tree to escape her husband. She just had a vine tied to her ankle to break her fall. Ever since then, adrenaline junkies seeking the ultimate thrill have embraced the sport of bungee jumping across the world.  Nothing is quite as heady as taking that leap of faith from a platform high up in the air, with just an elastic band bound around your ankles. Definitely not an activity for the faint of heart, Extreme Sports offers training sessions and jumps at a location near Cambridge.

Kitesurfing norfolk


The next step from power kiting is to ride the waves. If you enjoy thrills and spills kitesurfing is the ultimate sport. The coastline along Hunstanton is ideal for kite surfing and the sport is gaining popularity in the area. With the right wind and water conditions and the proper gear, kitesurfing can be a whole lot of fun. Lost Boys Kite Surfing School in the area coaches beginners and even offer experienced surfers an opportunity to learn trick kite surfing.

Hot air ballooning:

The credit of discovering hot air ballooning goes to the Montgolfier brothers in France. Since then hot air ballooning technology developed tremendously, while the same principle of hot air rising applies. If you are looking for a serene and noiseless activity while you float high above the landscape (with the exception of intermittent sounds of hot air blasts) of Norfolk, this is a sport to enjoy. Enjoy stunning aerial views of the Norfolk countryside and its famous Broads. Broadland Balloons offers one-hour flights for visitors with flights taking off from Bluebell Road.


Enjoy the thrills of go-karting at one of the best go-karting tracks in the country, the Anglia Karting Centre located at North Pickenham. It is near the area of Swaffham and offers an all-weather track to enjoy the sport with the entire family. Enjoy the speed and thrills and driving around the curves that make go-karting so exciting a sport. The racetrack is 1,000 metres in length with floodlights to enjoy the thrill of racing at night!

Power Kiting:

Power kiting is exciting and even kids can enjoy the sport. The beaches and open spaces in Norfolk are very conducive for this sport. Thankfully the new generation of power kites is a far improvement over the Flexifoils, which could be quite unstable in strong gusts of wind.