Norfolk has more than 90 miles of coastline that is rugged and contrasting in landscape and topography, ranging from the Wash to Yarmouth. It also is home to some of the finest beaches in the UK. If you are a beach lover then Norfolk in summer is the best place to head for your holidays.

There are a slew of luxury hotels in North Norfolk to stay at ranging from 5 star accommodations to boutique hotels.

One such luxury hotel popular with visitors and tourists in the area is The Harper hotel in North Norfolk. Located in a convenient part of the city it offers access to some of the top beaches in Norfolk, including the following:

Sheringham Beach

Sheringham Beach

During low tide there is sand and rock pools in the area. While it is rocky with the tide in once the tide moves out there is plenty of sand to enjoy a fabulous time at the beach. The beach in the area retains its genteel charm of bygone days. With a string of colourful huts on the beach, plenty of cafes, a steam train ride into town and amusement arcades there is a lot to keep you busy in the area. Getting to the steam railway is a short stroll from the beach area.



There are miles of beaches with a stunning backdrop of pine forests and sand dunes. The beaches at Holkham are considered to be among the finest in the country. A trip to the beaches in the area is relaxed with very few people unlike other beaches, which makes for an even more enjoyable visit.


A trip to Norfolk must include a tour of Wells a charming town famous for its sandy beach, walkway and scenic harbour. The beach is spacious enough to accommodate a large number of beachgoers, with a striking backdrop of coloured beach shacks and pine woods to complete the look. Wells beach is the ideal spot to laze about in the sunshine or enjoy a lovely family picnic. The area is popular with windsurfers and famous for its fishing spots abound with mussels and cockles. However, visitors need to be aware of the tide in the area and keep an ear out for the siren to exit the beach when the water rises. The perfect location to enjoy a great meal when the sun begins to set in the horizon!


Another terrific pristine beach spread across miles with golden sand. Even on a busy summer afternoon you can be sure to find a private spot. The only caveat is to check for the tide before your visit as the road leading to the beach gets flooded. It is a pet friendly beach and popular with kite surfers in the area. If you are in the area when the tide is out, look for ship wreck visible at that time.

West Runton

One of the more unusual beaches it is where you will find ancient fossils and skeletons of prehistoric woolly mammoths. There are cliffs and rock formations in the area, with its beach ideal for fossil hunts, rock pools and related activities.

Blakeney Point

Boat Trips to Blakeney Point

The area was formerly a working port and is one of the most picturesque spots in the area of North Norfolk. It is popular with wildlife enthusiasts with an abundance of wildlife and birds. There is an estuary and the quay is great for family activities like castling crab lines and fishing. There are rowing craft available to paddle in the estuary for hire. Of course, the highlight is the Point area with a massive beach of sand and shingle. The area is famous for its migratory birds and the colonies of famous seals that inhabit the area. Visitors can take a boat trip to watch the seals frolic around the area.


The beach is located at the entrance of the Wash with the area popular among locals as Sunny Hunny. This is because the cliffs and the beach area are towards the west that offers the best sunshine. The stunning beach stretches almost two miles to the Brancaster Coast. As the sea in the area is shallow it is great for bathing. This section is also a major draw with kite and wind surfers because of the windy conditions. The seafront is home to a number of Edwardian and Victorian homes and it makes for a very pleasant stroll to the cliff top to the lighthouse in the area. A fabulous spot to explore on a visit to Norfolk!


Talking about the top Norfolk beaches would be incomplete without mentioning Cromer! An old fashioned place it still exudes its genteel charm and Victorian era atmosphere. Cromer is a top draw with visitors and locals with its famous award winning pier and Pavilion Theatre the highlights of the area. In fact the theatre plays host to a one-of-a-kind summer event every year. Those who enjoy the sport of crabbing will find the pier ideal for the activity. There is so much to see and enjoy at Cromer, you will feel the need to return on more than a single trip to the place!

Sea Palling

It is located between Cromer and Great Yarmouth with one of the most impressive beaches of Norfolk. The creation of offshore reefs to prevent floods has resulted in miles of sandy spots in either direction. The area has earned the prestigious Blue Flag consistently. The dunes in the location is declared Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the place is safe for paddling and swimming. Visitors might be pleasantly surprised to find a colony of seals enjoying the sunshine on the warm sandy beaches. The coastline is scenic and perfect to take a leisurely seaside stroll along.