The charming village of Blakeney in Norfolk once was a busy trading port in the area. While it no longer has any commercial significance, the area is popular with visitors and tourists for its stunning natural beauty. It is protected and forms part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Blakeney has the status of a heritage coastal area of the UK. A visit to Norfolk would be incomplete without a tour of Blakeney.

Finding a suitable hotel near Blakeney is not a problem as with the steady influx of tourists a number of fine hotels and accommodation have popped up in the area.

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One of the highlights of Blakeney, is its famous Blakeney National Nature Reserve set up by the National Trust in 1912. The reserve houses a diverse variety of plants and wildlife with its famous Blakeney Point the location for a tern and seal colonies. The coastline is pristine and offers visitors the most magnificent views of the surrounding landscape. Both Blakeney’s nature reserve and village are tranquil and incredibly attractive areas to visit. Some of the major attractions in the reserve are as follows:

Best of Nature

Blakeney Point

The sheer variety of plants and animals to watch is incredible. These include Grey seals and terns found nesting on Blakeney Point. Apart from them there are about 270 different species of birds found in the area.

Enjoy crabbing

If you are looking for an exciting way to spend an afternoon just get yourself a fishing tackle, bait and a bucket. There are kits sold in the area. You could try your skills at crabbing and once caught you could place them in the bucket of water.  Once done you could set them free and enjoy see them scamper out from the quay back into the sea!

Try sailing

The quay in the area is popular with visitors who enjoy sailing in the calm waters. There are ample spots to moor safely in the harbour and the winds are relatively calm. There is a variety of sea going vessels in the area ranging from tiny dinghies to large sail boats.

Explore the area on foot

Walk tour

There are plenty of walking trails to choose from in Blakeney. The coastal trails are along the Norfolk coast line and offer some of the most scenic views. Visitors can also choose to take a guided walk with two available, one from Blakeney Point’s Visitor Centre and the other from Morston Quay.

Shopping and dining

There are plenty of cafes and eating joints in the area, where you can feast on the best of local seafood like crabs and mussels.


One of the best ways to enjoy the varied wildlife and see them up close is to go on a boat trip of the area. There are ferries operated in the area that travel from Morston Quayside to Blakeney Point a number of times all day long. Tickets can be purchased at the quayside. In summer it is best to book tickets in advance as there are large crowds that visit Blakeney.

Take a trip to Blakeney Point to see the seals

Blakeney Point has the largest seal colony in the UK. The two species of seals found in the area are Grey and Common seals, which arrive at Blakeney Point in summer. The pups are delivered in the winter months of November and December. There are boating trips organised twice daily in the summer months from the quays at Morston and Blakeney quays, during high tide. It is the best way to see these magnificent sea creatures up close. Seals by nature are curious creatures and the inquisitive ones swim up to the boats to investigate. It makes for a great photo opportunity and is a treat for wildlife lovers.

Tern Colonies

Another popular attraction that draws visitors to the area is the tern colony. During spring and summer there are nesting colonies of species like Sandwich, Common, Little and Arctic terns in the area. Taking a boat trip of Blakeney Point allows visitors to see both seals and the tern colonies found here. There are a number of other species of birds nesting in the area as well including Oyster Catchers and Ringed Plover in summer. In winter geese and ducks are found here with Brent, Widgeon, Pintail and Mallard geese in large numbers. Bird watchers will find Blakeney Point a fabulous destination to observe birds.

Blakeney Village and Harbour

The village is an ancient place that overlooks a massive stretch of saltings in the direction of the bird sanctuary in the area. One of the busier spots during summer is its quayside with numerous houses and granaries found in its surroundings. Like other rustic villages in retain it is quaint and occupies a picturesque stretch of the coastline. In early times the village was a hub of activity when the port was used for trading.

Summer is the time when the place comes alive with tourists and visitors. The narrow streets have large crowds of people bustle about the area. One of the more striking aspects of the place are the old fisherman’s homes that have been restored to their original conditions. Most of them now house a variety of shops selling items like gifts, local handicrafts and delicatessens. If you are a lover of sea food this is the best place to shop for fresh crabs, mussels, samphire and other local products. You could even grab a bite at the shacks that sell seafood along Blakaney Quay and other spots near the harbour.