The Flexi-stay is here to stay. So there's more to look forward to when you can.

When we were left with no choice but to postpone our April opening, we knew one thing for certain. We were going to bend over backwards (excuse the pun) to be flexible. So we introduced the Flexi-stay, which gives you a bar and restaurant credit of 30% of the value of your reservation payment to spend during a rescheduled stay. While there's still uncertainty around when - and how - boutique hotels like ours should reopen, we've decided to extend the Flexi-stay offer until December 2021. We always envisaged The Harper experience to be so much more than simply a room for the night - and it's tricky serving Norfolk's finest to your table without unusually long arms. Alas, this means we've a little more waiting to do until the time is right to welcome you.

If you have a 2020 reservation, rest assured it will automatically become a Flexi-stay, to be enjoyed at any time between our opening date and 19th December, 2021. Our metaphorical doors are always open in the meantime, with our reservations team at the ready to reschedule your stay. And, of course, we'll let you know the moment we're able to confirm a new opening date.

Until that date arrives, our promise remains the same - to keep in touch, to take care of our community and team, and to make sure there’s no maxim truer than this: good things come to those who wait.

Stay well, and see you soon.

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