Tourists will thoroughly enjoy heading to the amazing English county of Norfolk for its brilliant green spaces and country parks. These destinations are perfect to relax with fellow travellers and take in the lovely tranquillity and natural surroundings. Holt Country Park is a great place to choose for a fun day out, which is just a short drive away from the pretty Georgian town of Holt. It is a quiet place where tourists can escape the bustling nature of Norfolk beaches and towns. Here they can head into the gorgeous woodland and wander along one of the many trails for a leisurely hike, where travellers will have the chance to disconnect from the world.

Travellers should definitely keep a map when they visit this area, as there are many colour-coded woodland walks that can take them around the park. It is vital that they do not wander off a trail and get lost, so picking up a map from the visitor centre is crucial. Tourists can also use their phone to take a photo of the information board outside the centre, as it has all the trails marked clearly on it. It is also available to download on a smartphone so there is that option also. Tourists will absolutely love this area as it is completely dog-friendly, so there will be many walkers wandering around with their furry friends in the beautiful woodlands.

This is the perfect destination for children to get them out in the fresh air, and they can play on the climbing frames and swings, as well as locate the various wooden sculptures around the park. There is no café based at the park so travellers must bring their own food, but that could make it a fun occasion. The attraction is perfect for a picnic in the sunshine, and there are a few tables there that travellers can use for lunch. It is a good idea to remember that visitors must bring wellington boots if they feel the weather might change and rain could come. There are many fantastic hotels in Holt, Norfolk, which are worth booking a room.

The best place for travellers to head is The Harper Hotel that is actually located in the pretty village of Langham. This superb destination is ideal for both business and leisure tourists who can really relax and enjoy their trip. The spacious rooms have a range of modern amenities including an LED television and free Wi-Fi internet. The bathrooms contain monsoon or rainforest showers, as well as lovely products for guests to use. This luxury boutique hotel also has a wellness centre that offers a range of treatments for travellers.

Holt Country Park is also fabulous for cyclists who want to have a lovely ride admiring the stunning views in the area. This is a great activity for young people and there is a mile-long route available that is completely free of traffic. If travellers are driving to the venue they can park there for a small fee. Visitors will adore coming to this amazing green space as it offers a peaceful destination where tourists can escape the demands of the world. It is open every day of the week and provides families with a wonderful place to spend quality time together.