We're not talking Socrates or Sartre (although it's not unheard of in The Bar of an evening); rather, we're musing on the nature of hospitality, and the things we believe in.

Just as not all hotels are alike, not every hotel is right for everybody. We certainly hope The Harper is perfect for you, but we know too that it might not be everyone's cup of tea (if it were, it would probably taste a little bland. Nice, but bland). We strive to be defined by quality, but not bound by convention. In look, feel and experience, we hope you'll find The Harper to be free thinking, multifarious, and fun. We're a house in the country, but we're not a country house hotel.

The weight of expectation can sometimes make 'luxury' feel a little stilted. When it comes to service, that's not our style. We're young (or young at heart!) and excited to be part of something new and different where you might not expect it. We're forging our own path. As we do so, we promise to never give less than our wholehearted best. It's something that happens naturally when you're doing what you love. To do what you love, you also have to love what you do. And that means feeling at ease, valued, and supported. So we put our people first, because we know they'll put you first in return.

What makes hospitality such an exciting business is that it’s all about people. But sometimes people make mistakes. If we get something wrong, it goes without saying we'll do our best to make it right (and make sure it doesn't happen again). We believe what most people know to be true though, that "the customer is always right" is, in fact, wrong - it's a motto that makes service less genuine, and everybody less comfortable. We go instead by the 'Golden Rule': treat others as you would have them treat you (with empathy, warmth, and respect). We practise it with each other, and with each and every guest. That's a promise, too - that we will always keep our side of the bargain.

If you like the sound of this, we're sure you'll find in The Harper not just a place to stay, but something of a second home.


Naturally, a philosophy with respect at its core extends to our approach to sustainability. Considering ourselves privileged to be custodians of a beautiful old building - and authors of its next chapter, it's a responsibility we don't take lightly. Doing the right thing defines the way we treat not only each other (and you!), but also the environment we all share.

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