The Harper is a place to embrace wellness in its widest sense; the kind of place where fresh air, sea breezes and simple, forgotten pastimes meet life’s little luxuries and get along famously.

It’s into this ethos that the Spa at The Harper fits. Flickering candles and pot-bellied buddhas it isn’t. Instead, it’s an inviting pool infused with natural light. It's an invigorating aqua class every now and then. It’s a simple steam room and sauna, and a jacuzzi for good measure. For deeper, more profound relaxation, there's a range of tension-melting massages among the treatments created for us by Irene Forte Skincare - lauded as the 'New Natural'. So, whether you're a spa aficionado, or simply in search of an anything-goes escape with a little pampering on the side, you’ll be very welcome.

masaj spa back massage


There's science behind the experiences we offer our guests. But thanks to Irene Forte Skincare's first-rate sustainability credentials, this is science working in harmony with nature. Whether for body, face, hands or feet, you can relax (even more) knowing the products we use are handmade with ingredients grown on an organic farm, rich in nutrients, and certified vegan. Delight at the deft touch of our skilled therapists and let your skin reap the rewards when scientific rigour augments the natural goodness of the land.

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