We’re a little bit ‘unhotel’ (and proud of it) when it comes to the way we do things. It’s not that we want to appear daringly progressive, although it would be nice to think we’re ahead of the curve. These are little things. Cumulatively though, they make a pretty big difference to the environment – without compromising on the quality we think you deserve.


Let’s start with coffee (things are often better that way)…

- Our pods come from a British supplier (not Nespresso themselves) because they’re compostable rather than being made of metal. Buying British also means we can keep supply mileage to a minimum

- That old hotel staple the breakfast buffet creates too much waste, so we serve breakfast to order instead. Everything comes freshly prepared to your table

- We source as much food as we can locally, which tends to make it more expensive (but worth it!). Catch of the day for example is provided by North Norfolk fishermen working sustainably, and when we buy meat, it’s the whole animal so we can use as much as we can – think sausages, biltong, and lots of lovely broth and jus

- We don’t cook on gas – our kitchens use electricity (generated in part by the windfarm you’ll be able to spot from the beach on a clear day) and wood (which we source locally and sustainably)

- Wood is also used instead of gas in our various stoves, fire pits and log burners, all fuelled using locally and sustainably grown timber

- We avoid using paper wherever possible. You won’t find a dog-eared directory in your room either (there’s a QR code for this)

- We don’t serve draft beers because they generate large amounts of waste. They also necessarily restrict the breadth of our selection. If you really do prefer your pint pulled, we can recommend a couple of lovely local pubs (The Langham Blue Bell and The Morston Anchor, our little sisters!) where you’ll find some excellent ales on tap.

- We don’t change sheets and towels every day (unless it’s a special request) because doing so is unnecessarily harmful to the environment

- The same goes for single use plastic, so you won’t find cotton buds and shower caps wrapped in plastic in your bathroom

- Toiletries are organic and supplied in large ceramic bottles to minimise plastic use. Consequently, you won’t go home with any of those little plastic shampoo bottles, though the ceramic ones are available to buy if you wish

- We don’t think you really need branded slipper bags, remote control bags, hairdryer bags, and the like. They don’t help you feel at home, and producing and laundering them doesn’t do the environment any favours

- We restrict the in-room temperature controls so that the heating and air conditioning can’t both be on full, with the windows open, at the same time

- We have biomass boilers for heating and hot water

- We’ve provided plenty of EV charging points in the car park

If you’re interested enough in this kind of thing to still be reading, we think you’ll like it here. You can read more about what makes us tick (our philosophy, if you like) on this page.