With happenings such as National Cheese Day, World Gin Day, English Wine Week and the Beer and Gin Festival in Weybourne, June proves there’s no better time to visit The Harper. Join us for a pre-summer retreat and you’ll be gouda as gold.

Embrace the Cheese Extravaganza

National Cheese Day is just around the corner, and our celebrated cheese board is a brie-lliant way to take part.

Start with the Baron Bigod, the only Brie-de-Mieux style cheese currently produced in the UK. This cheese, hand-made in small batches in the mornings, at Fen Ferm Farm in Bungay, Suffolk, from the milk of their free-range Montbeliarde cows. Its smooth, delicate silky texture has hints of mushroom in its flavours, creating a most striking mouthful.

Next, take your knife towards the Gourney Gold, an award-winning semi-soft Norfolk cheese. One of Mrs Temple’s most expensive (and coveted) cheeses, production of this golden crusted delight was put on hold during lockdown. So it’s just a good that its silky texture is back for you to savour in the bliss of The Yard.

For the next mouthful, how about another of Mrs Temple’s creations? The Binham Blue is Norfolk’s only cow’s milk blue cheese. Produced near Wells-next-the-Sea, down the road to the hotel, this melt-in-the-mouth award-winning blue is creamy and subtle.

Finally, our quartet of Norfolk cheese finery is completed by the Rosary ash, a creamy, zesty goats cheese. Perfect to drip into that juicy block of membrillo with it.

Cheese and wine, all is fine

Our curated selection of wines is a reflection of our guests’ refined palate. A world tour of the finest vineyards with sparkling, white, and red wines that perfectly complement our food offering.

Enjoy our special wine flight pairing the Harper tasting menu or indulge in your favourite vintage during our six o’clock savouries in your favourite spot.

A hoppy Norfolk alternative

If wine is not your thing, fret not because our dutifully well-stocked bar is also a (chilly) home to some very fine beers.

Duration is a modern Norfolk farmhouse brewery producing innovative and delectable hoppy goodness.

Take for example Harvest Bier, a rich, malty Märzen that is a double award winner. You will find it available alongside Another Day Done (as if ever you needed the encouragement), a pale ale with a refreshing dry citrus end note or Shifting Baseline, a heavy hopped pale ale with mango notes.

Barsham Brewery, housed in the West Barsham Estate, uses their exceptional on-site-grown malting barley as well as the advantages of the Norfolk micro-climate to grow their famous Maris Otter barley, which is used as the base malt for their vegan beers. Take Norfolk Topper, a session citrus ale named after the horses that worked on the estate or Pilgrim’s Pale Ale, a classic that balances sweet malt and citrus hops.

Thirsty for more?

Experience the Beer and Gin Festival in Weybourne just a short drive from The Harper and a must-visit event this June. Celebrate the best of both worlds with a wide variety of craft beers and gins, entertainment, and a vibrant atmosphere.

The Perfect June Getaway

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