As the days grow warmer and the sea breezes carry the promise of summer, Norfolk prepares to welcome back the arrival of one of its most sought after moments in the foodie calendar: the return of seafood season. May marks the start of the time of year that brings a bounty of fresh, flavourful seafood from the nearby shores. A time eagerly anticipated by locals and visitors alike. From the renowned Cromer crab to the succulent King’s Lynn prawns, the variety and quality of Norfolk’s seafood are unparalleled.

So what can you expect from the delectable seafood options available during this vibrant season? Your table at Stanley’s just opened a whole new host of options straight out of the beautiful briny sea.

Norfolk’s Rich Seafood Heritage
Norfolk has long been celebrated as one of the UK’s premier fishing regions. The coastal towns and villages here have thrived on their people’s deep connection to the sea, with fishing playing a crucial role in their economies and culture for centuries. This heritage is reflected in the pride and passion of local fishermen who bring in their daily marine treasures.

A seasonal bounty
The seafood season, commencing in May, is a time of abundance and variety. The warmer months bring an influx of marine life to Norfolk’s waters and with it new fresh and flavoursome options to Stanley’s menu.

Cromer Crab
Cromer crab is a true gem of Norfolk’s seafood repertoire, famed for its sweet, delicate meat. This crab is harvested off the coast of Cromer, where the nutrient-rich waters impart its unique taste. Find it in our menu paired with hand-picked salt marsh samphire and adorned by delicate, and oh-so-pretty wild garlic flowers.


King’s Lynn Prawns
King’s Lynn prawns, known for their succulent texture and robust taste, are another highlight of the season. These prawns are meticulously harvested, ensuring they are fresh and bursting with flavour. 

Wells-next-the-Sea Oysters
The oysters from Wells-next-the-Sea are prized for their briny freshness and smooth texture. Whether served raw with a squeeze of lemon these sea treasures are a testament to the coastal bounty of Norfolk.

Hand-Picked Samphire
This vibrant, green succulent is harvested from the nearby salt marshes, bringing a burst of freshness to our dishes. With its crisp texture and slightly salty flavour, a sprinkle of samphire is just what our plates need to add a taste of the Norfolk coast to every bite.

Food at The Harper showcases the connection to the region and its seasonal offerings. We treat ingredients with respect, always aiming to celebrate flavour. The Stanley’s Tasting Menu is just the ticket to experience the taste of Norfolk via our chefs’ talent.

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